All About VPNs!

In the last decade, concern over the amount of information we’re sharing in our regular use of the internet has skyrocketed, and VPN use has followed suit.

With the spread of public WiFi also come its inherent security dangers. Using a VPN is essential if you keep anything of note on your mobile device or laptop (who doesn’t?) and frequently make use of public hotspots – at school, work, cafes or airports.

As a quick experiment, visit and see what your browser is sending to every site you visit.

A VPN will stop this sort of information being sent, protecting you from eavesdropping by encrypting all the data you send and receive. They can also ‘mask’ your location, making it seem to outsiders as though you’re based somewhere that could be thousands of miles away. To any outsider who might be attempting to look at what you’re sending over a given connection, all they will see is an unintelligible scrummage of data. Meanwhile, you can do your online shopping, banking and other activities on the network without the risk of a potential breach.

I’ve taken a break from studying over the exam period to write about VPNs — and why they’re not just for seasoned keyboard warriors.

Check it out!

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