UNIHACK is a hackathon for TAFE, university and post-graduate students here in Australia. It’s brand new, having only had its start last year — and the premise is nothing but pure Silicon Valley tradition: you have 24 hours. Make something cool.

This year’s event was held at Melbourne’s startup hub, Inspire9. As a freshly-minted… well, freshman, I just knew I needed to put my name on the dotted line. Boy, was I in for many, many, many cups of late-night green tea.


My team mate, Hans, and I talk shop.

Our team created ThisApp (hey — we had 24 hours to come up with an app, not a name!) It’s a cloud-based memory refresher and study optimizing utility for students, allowing them to take and store notes, and also review them at regular intervals for optimal recollection.

Along the way, we met some awesome event sponsors from EY Consulting, Atlassian, Freelancer.com, Braintree, AngelCube and more.

While the night blurred into day as we battled bugs upon bugs in Meteor, adjusted our Javascript and CSS, and endlessly mined StackExchange for nuggets of wisdom, we all knew we were on to something. Our working build (and quickly-rehearsed elevator pitch) caught the attention of the judges, earning us Best First Year Hack.

You can view the finished build on our team’s DevPost page!


Go team! L-R(ish) Me, Hans, Carlos – fresh faced at the beginning of the 24 hours.

Triumphant in tiredness!

Triumphant in tiredness!


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