And with that, we were back for more! This year, our team took on UNIHACK 2016 with a fresh idea (and plenty of caffeinated drinks!)

The plan? To create an app to make coinciding with your friends easier. We created “Büiz-é” (please don’t try to pronounce that) — a shareable calendar that allows you to quickly block off your availability and compare it with your friends.

We used a mix of JavaScript for the front end, with Python and MongoDB to handle user accounts. Want more info? Check out our DevPost for the full story!


The gang shows off our proud creation during the Expo.


And after 36 hours without sleep, we emerged triumphant: our app, Büiz-é, took out Best Design and People’s Choice Award.


Coding an entire database-driven calendar app with user accounts in 24 hours? What could go wrong?


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